Message From Organizing Co - Chairperson

Dear Colleagues,
The last decade has seen Dermatology emerge as the most coveted professional choice and the leader of the race for medical graduates all over the globe. Dermatology has evolved over the years into many advanced sub-specialities which compliment each other.

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of a great endeavor to host once again, the 2019 South Zone Conference of IADVL at Kovalam, Trivandrum, after the first one which was also held in Kovalam in the year 2000. Though the conduct of this conference is spearheaded by the Trivandrum Dermatology Club, it is the support and blessings of a large number of able leaders of the Kerala Chapter of IADVL and the courage and untiring efforts of each and everyone of the organizing team that is bringing shape to this conference of such magnitude. As the management dictum goes, for the success of any event, 80% effort goes into planning and 20% into execution and I can proudly guarantee the versatility and the detail in every aspect of this meticulously chalked out conference, while congratulating and thanking everyone in this endeavor.

I warmly welcome every member of IADVL and their beloved family to this fantastic get-together of the doyens and the budding aspirants of Dermatology, to nourish themselves with the advances in our field at the Dermazone South Conference 2019, in the Capital of God’s Own Country.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Organizing Co - Chairman

Dr. Anuja Elizabeth George MD, DNB
Professor & Head of Department,
Govt Medical College, Trivandrum

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