Message From IADVL Kerala Secretary

Greetings, IADVL Members!

At the outset, it gives me great pleasure to send the organizers of South Zone Conference 2019 a very sincere message of support and good wishes. I send you this message as an individual who is a friend of the organizers and many of the participants of your conference. But I send it also as secretary of IADVL Kerala - a forum which considers it a trusted partner in a common endeavour of all dermatologists of Kerala.

In my dual capacity, I can assure you that, in my view, nothing is more important in the present world than the striving for the common good of us dermatologists which finds expression in the honest collaboration among individuals and peoples.

I know that our President, Dr. Rathish T. Pillai, and the members of entire IADVL Kerala want to join me in sending you this message of support.

Wishing you all a very fruitful and rewarding conference.

Dr. David Pudukadan
Honarary Secretary, IADVL Kerala

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